3.76 / 167

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3.76 / 167

Postby srrrrh » Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:58 pm

i'm registered to retake in december and my top choice is UVA - i was planning on ED-ing as soon as i got my october score back and all my LOC finished processing, but the score was lower than i thought (same as my cold diagnostic score; PT average was around 176. i have good softs/recs/ps but nothing outstanding. my GPA is upward-trending; i developed a chronic illness during my freshman year and it wasn't properly diagnosed/didn't start proper treatment until the summer before my junior year (after i started treatment i've been solid 4.0), so i'll be writing an addendum for that, though i'm not sure if it'll factor into the decision process at all. my parents are paying for law school and have enough money saved for me to pay, so cost isn't a concern.

i'm just really worried that it'll be too late in the cycle to apply once december LSAT scores come out, and i'm not too keen on the idea of waiting a year to go to law school/my parents are 100% against it as well, and they're the ones paying for it, so.. i'm just wondering if it would be totally pointless to apply ED to UVA now? or if i should just wait until i retake the LSAT, hope that i do better and apply late? fwiw LSN puts me at "consider," but in the grand scheme of things i'm not quite sure what that means..

if my score doesn't increase/doesn't increase substantially, i'm also looking into unc, emory, wustl, ucla, usc, vanderbilt, bu, bc, cornell, gw and georgetown. is there anything else i should be thinking about/are any of these unrealistic?

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Re: 3.76 / 167

Postby Grizz » Tue Oct 25, 2011 1:48 am

You've not gonna get UVA ED.

Upward trends are a dime a dozen.


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