French student

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French student

Postby Frikonomix » Thu Oct 06, 2011 5:03 pm

Hey there.
I'm studying in Sorbonne Law School, Paris (first year post-graduate, please excuse my english). Fortunately I found this great website full of advice. Still, I have some questions.

•Sorbonne has a double-diploma with Columbia Law School (2 years in NYU that make you a Juris Doctor if I cottoned on, 2 others in Paris anyway).
Each year, only two Sorbonne students are actually accepted out of 3000 applicants...
Given the odds for a French student to compete with 4years-post-graduate American at the LSAT, is it worth to apply for the double-diploma Sorbonne/Columbia that does not require the LSAT ? (what are the odds at this admission test for a french anyway?)

•Are there others ways for a French student to study in a TLS and actually get an useful experience, in order to be and international business lawyer ? (not pretty sure about the words, in french we'd say "avocat d'affaires international")
With which minimum score at the TOEFL ?

•There's also a double diploma Sorbonne/King's College of London. What are your thoughts about this kind of study?

•My very last question, promise: finally, I'm a pretty good student (scientific baccalaureat "mention Très Bien", top 5 student in my year), spending$70,000ayear-mood isn't likely to take me, and I want to work as a business lawyer in the USA or in an american law office in Paris. I really do.
So basically, what would you recommend me to do or not to ?

•Christ, I can keep a promise: I am planning to go in UK or the USA this summer (enhancing my english, shunning French culture), how could I optimize this trip in order to enter an American law school? Talking about freak french wonders...

Thanks in advance !
Advice galore is not the first thing you'll find on parisian forums. You guys are my do-or-die chance to know what are my shots as a Frenchie.
You have a good afternoon.


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Re: French student

Postby LawSchoolChampion » Thu Oct 06, 2011 5:18 pm

Your english is fine, but by excusing yourself at the beginning of the post I worry about the LSAT for you.

There are certain issues the foreign language speakers face with the LSAT.

Vocabulary, tone, style, and the ability a analyze a language you are not completely comfortable with make up the majority.

I would DEFINITELY APPLY to Columbia if you plan on working in the U.S.

More-over, I believe Cornell has, or had, a dual-degree program with La Sorbonne as well, so look in to that.

If you want to practice in the U.S. travel to the U.S. this summer. British English and American English are not the same language, and are not written in the same fashion. The LSAT is a reading test; three-fourths of your grade are based solely on the comprehension of american english.


Look into all dual-degree programs in the U.S. with french universities.


The language of law schools (as I am sure you have seen) is not common day vernacular (for the most part). You must be able to show a deep understanding of the english language in order to enter a U.S. law school.


Dual-degree programs are generally designed for people who grew up speaking, reading, and writing both languages (or for people who studied their secondary language in college). Just know that you will be at a significant disadvantage from the majority of your classmates if your English is not up to par, and I doubt (though I cannot be sure) your professors will cut you any slack.

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