How much will my softs help?

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How much will my softs help?

Postby brownpride » Tue Jun 07, 2011 1:25 pm

My goals in the fall are HY, but after yesterday's LSAT I no longer feel like I have a strong chance at getting into either of these. My GPA is 4.18, but the LSAT could very well have put me into the 160s and I may not be able to rewrite for the rest of the cycle. I'm wondering how much softs will help me out. I have a lot of leadership experience, gone through a few leadership programs, have led many student groups and even founded one, 150 hours of volunteering with my Students Union and 450 hours with a hospital. I've also got varied work experience and a full-time research position for the current summer. The research and many of the student groups are directly related to the area of focus I want to have in law school, so I can definitely put together a sincere and coherent application. I'm also expecting my LORs to be quite strong. How much will these softs help me to compensate for the poor LSAT? Will I still stand a good shot at HY?


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Re: How much will my softs help?

Postby lawyerwannabe » Tue Jun 07, 2011 2:00 pm

To answer the question that your title poses: No. Your softs are relatively unspectacular, especially stacked up against the average T-14 (or, in your case, T-2) applicant.

If you did in fact score below 170 on the LSAT, a quick look at can give you a pretty good idea of what chances you stand at HY (search each school, 169 or lower LSAT, exclude URMs):

@H- After looking at the profiles of the applicants that were accepted under the aforementioned search, some have Ivy undergrads, others are hispanic, etc. Throwing out these applicants, because you do not have the diversity nor undergraduate prestige that they do, any LSAT below 169 and your chances are close to 0%. If you score a 169, you have a chance, albeit not a great one.

@Y- Due to your lack of mind-blowing softs, anything below a 169, once again, gives you close to 0% chance. Even with a 169 LSAT, your chances are substantially worse than your chances at H.

To summarize your chances at HY, anything lower than a 169 LSAT, I would put your chances close to 0%. 169 LSAT gives you a decent chance at H and a long, long, long shot chance at Y. I would not bank on an acceptance to either given your feelings about your LSAT.


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Re: How much will my softs help?

Postby czelede » Tue Jun 07, 2011 2:57 pm

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