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please delete

Postby DreamsInDigital » Mon Jan 10, 2011 3:06 am

thanks tommyk, I thought the other post would be more about where else I should apply, not my chances. if a mod sees this, please delete.
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Re: 170, URM, 2.7 from Ivy, Non-Traditional (i think)

Postby TommyK » Mon Jan 10, 2011 3:07 am

DreamsInDigital wrote:just wondering if anyone wanted to guess on my chances (already applied but open to other schools I should consider).

170 first time lsat
2.7 from H/Y/P with compelling addendum
first generation Mexican American
graduated in 2006, been working with a labor union for 4 years. started as an organizer, now coordinating large scale campaigns with them
strong personal statement on my interest in pursuing labor law

schools -

U Virginia
U Chicago
UC Davis
UC Hastings
William and Mary


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