3.9/165/Engineering undergrad/Canadian applicant to US

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3.9/165/Engineering undergrad/Canadian applicant to US

Postby mikstew » Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:28 pm

I think it's time for yet another TLS troll to make his first post, and nowhere is more fitting than right here on the WAMC forum.

I am interested in going to one of the better US schools, particularily Berkeley, but particularily Stanford. My stats are not stellar, but I hope that this WAMC post is at least slightly interesting since I am a) an international applicant and b) focused in a specialized discipline from which I doubt there are many applicants (??). I haven't seen any previous discussions on situations similar to mine on these boards so maybe this will not only help me but also future applied science majors wanting to make the transition to law.

My undergraduate degree was in Chemical engineering, and I am just finishing up a Master's degree in the same discipline, which will be accredited long before September.

As far as "ECs" go, I am not sure what these schools consider valuable, but I have 3 journal publications in my field (in well respected journals), and have held various relevant positions that were not "COOP" jobs (Environmmental consultant for a small firm, scientific researcher for the government, and I currently work as a research engineer at the University of British Columbia). And if it makes any difference, I have had a strong desire to pursue intellectual property law ever since I took an IP class in my undergrad.

My stats:

3.9 GPA (according to lawpad.com)
165 LSAT (fresh off of the Dec 2010 LSAT)

So what do you guys think, what are my chances?

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