3.44/168/UCLA UGrad/solid w/e

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3.44/168/UCLA UGrad/solid w/e

Postby krad » Mon Nov 01, 2010 10:21 am

Hi all, thanks for taking a look! I'm basically stuck trying to figure out where in the T-14 to put in my applications.

3.44 at UCLA, 168 Oct 2010 LSAT. I have 3 years w/e (including NASA in CA, Oxford, UCLA, and a private software co), strong softs and am interested in environmental or IP law. I live in Denver, and CU Boulder is my backup option. My dad went to Texas Law; not sure if that has any weight?

I will probably end up wanting to practice in either CA or CO, but would prefer national reach as opposed to the regional CU (mountain state reach). I'm not seeking employment in NYC after law school. I want to avoid NY for school; significant other won't move to NY because he won't practice his specialty as a surgeon in the state of NY due to odd state regulations.

Where would you cut off your apps to the T14? Thoughts? What would be the highest, ridiculous, absurd reach? Cal?

Any advice is appreciated!

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Re: 3.44/168/UCLA UGrad/solid w/e

Postby Grizz » Mon Nov 01, 2010 10:38 am

Cornell on down are not wastes of app fees. T15-18 will be insanely tough; you may get lucky, but you probably won't. The midwest splitter friendly schools will eat up your LSAT (UIUC, WUSTL). None of these schools really have "national reach" though. If you want Cali, retake to try to get into UCLA or USC. You have a good chance of getting into neither of those right now.

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