167 in June, 173 retake, 3.87 gpa

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167 in June, 173 retake, 3.87 gpa

Postby christinalsat » Sat Oct 30, 2010 7:56 pm

As the subject line says, I got a 167 in June and a 173 on October's. 3.87 gpa from an ivy. I'm Hispanic (but not Mex or Puerto Rican). Have been out of school for four years, have a public interest background and want to pursue public interest law.

My dreams schools are NYU and Berkeley. Also looking at UPenn, Georgetown, Columbia, UCLA, UVA and Michigan. Is it worth applying to HYS? Any suggestions on safeties? I'm thinking GW and BU, should I add another few?

Please feel free to throw in some other schools I might be overlooking.

I know most of these top schools are going to average my score. Kinda wish I had canceled June's, but going in with a decent score (the 167) gave me the confidence I needed to break 170. If that makes any sense.


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