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Postby DrackedaryMaster » Sat Oct 30, 2010 2:18 am

The 163 is my 3rd LSAT. I will be writing a hell of an addendum for my crappy 2006 (148) and 2008 (149) scores where I was trying to drive the test without reading a map. Thank god most schools take the higher score.

Anyway my stats:

12 years Active Duty Enlisted AF, now a Reservist (plan on staying in through LS)
One of my military awards is a Presidential Service Badge from a qualifying assignment.
I was also in the Presidential Management Fellows Program (strange because this is what 3Ls seem to fight for. I qualified on the basis of my MBA but withdrew from the program and my position because I moved back from DC to FL to care for family)
My background is Accounting and Finance. Until 2008, I was the only enlisted person to hold both the Certified Government & Certified Defense Financial Management certifications. Currently working on my CPA now that the LSAT is over with.
I've volunteered and help ran the VITA (Income Tax) Program for our base in DC.
Other softs as well, but I want to keep this short.

My Targets:
Florida, Florida State, Miami, Stetson,

My Reaches:
Alabama, Georgia, Emory, Boston College, William & Mary

Super-Reach: Texas (only because the Post 9/11 cover is so high in TX, on the rare chance I got in, it would be free).

As you can see, I'd like to stay in FL and the south in general. The other 2 are Reserve-related reasons.

Your thoughts? Should I include any more? Thanks for your input.

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