3.93/? Retake threshold

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3.93/? Retake threshold

Postby Ascend » Sat Oct 09, 2010 7:01 pm

I had wanted to take the LSAT only once so I waited to take it until today. I know practice tests don't count for anything but for what it's worth, the last 19 have been in the 170 - 174 range. I honestly have no idea how well I did today, which is why I'm interested the retake threshold for entrance into Top 20 schools. Probably the most interesting thing for my application (I guess you guys call them "softs") is that I was medically retired from the Army for chemical exposure and rated at 100% permanently and totally disabled. After spending the better part of several years in VA hospitals across the country I decided to take control of my own medical care and sought out civilian doctors who started me on the right path. After winning the battle for some expensive medical treatments I was able to get back some normalcy and then proceeded to fight the VA for nearly a decade to give me medical clearance to attend school, and finally 4 years ago got the green light.

Honestly, at a cursory glance I was under the impression that my situation would at least give me some leniency in the 25-75 percentile LSAT, especially with my GPA (3.93; top 100 private school). After reading a bunch of posts today however I have a sinking feeling that the ability to defeat death, mastery of cold fusion, and a Ph.D in quantum physics won't help someone with less than a 175 on their LSAT.

I came home today thinking that as long as I got a 165 or better I wouldn't retake the test but if my "situation" is insignificant in the grand scheme of things, do I just need to plan on retaking if I'm under the 25th percentile for the schools I wish to apply for?

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