Shot at U San Fran

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Re: Shot at U San Fran

Postby jarofsoup » Fri Oct 01, 2010 6:51 pm

Patriot1208 wrote:
jarofsoup wrote:
bk1 wrote:
jarofsoup wrote:You may be unemployed too. You are out of T14, and some people on this website think that your education is not worth it.

I am not planning on going to USF man I am just saying that failure, just like success is not set in stone. You can be very screwed too.

Facepalm. Because I am too lazy to google a pic.

I feel the same way. The regulars on this site can be fustrating.

Did it go over your head that he was making fun of you?[/quote

Do you really think I care?

I am fustrated with him, just as he is with me.

BK is on here a lot, and I have talked to Bk before. BK is a good bloke. I do disagree with his views often, and that is ok.

Its all going to be ok. Dont get all angry and try to put me down it is a waste of time.

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Re: Shot at U San Fran

Postby dresden doll » Fri Oct 01, 2010 6:52 pm

nickbentley wrote:

I don't expect a rapid economy turn around, but were talking about four years from now..

If things are this bad in four years, we have some major problems and I'll hit the JAG program

We are not talking about 4 years from now. We are - assuming you're applying this year - talking two years from now because that's when your OCI will take place. If you miss that boat and don't snag a 2L SA, you're basically screwed as far as biglaw is concerned.

Also, chances of you getting biglaw a few years out of school are virtually nill. It's 2L SA or bust, basically.

Retake the LSAT, squeak into Davis/Hastings if possible and pray for top 10 percent. Else, reconsider your market. If Berkeley kids are striking out, you really don't have much to hope for.

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Re: Shot at U San Fran

Postby Helmholtz » Fri Oct 01, 2010 7:01 pm

A thread of a doomed future law school student trying to turn the tables, or, thinking maybe if you can't join 'em, beat 'em. This is a valuable, flinty work of reflective zeitgeist, holding up a myriad of mirrors to our own wildly self-promotional selves. Every aspect of this thread, from nickbentley's beautiful, yet pained struggle for acceptance to jarofsoup's emotionally devastating, relentless relentnessness to each and every opposing post is absolutely stunning. One of the best of 2010. Nickbentley has stripped down the TLS experience and presents the overlying and often unspoken commitment to its usage. ****/5

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Re: Shot at U San Fran

Postby jenesaislaw » Fri Oct 01, 2010 7:45 pm

jarofsoup wrote:
General Tso wrote:
kalvano wrote:Yikes.


that site is nice

partially confirms my suspicions about the accuracy of UC Davis' employment stats. They are 25th percentile in salary reporting, while Hastings is 75th percentile. No other T30 school comes close to a figure that low.

What about ASU 0% unemployment reported? That doesn't seem right at all.

To be fair, it is .3% unemployment reported. And I just confirmed this on USNWR's site to be sure. Keep in mind the stated assumptions of the 9 month rate, however. Hover over the tooltips for full explanations of the numbers.

A separate report on this formula and the information is forthcoming. Too much else to do right this second, but it's a high priority.

Edit: just realized your skepticism may be over such a high employment rate for ASU. I think understanding a) how the formula is calculated and b) what counts as employment goes a long way to unraveling some skepticism. Graduates with debt need jobs, it's no surprise that they find these jobs soonish after graduation - and these non-legal jobs count under the current reporting standards. Not saying they are definitely non-legal, but it is one explanation.

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