Please look at my #'s and info....what are my chances?!

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Please look at my #'s and info....what are my chances?!

Postby rbech6494 » Sat Jun 05, 2010 5:55 pm

Okay so here is the history, from the age of 18-22 I went to a university and community college on and off and truly had no desire to be there and left with a GPA of 1.3-I know, absolutely horrible. At the age of 28, I finally grew up and went back to to school at another univesity for my Bachelor's and graduated with a 3.55. Unfortunately, my early years make my cumulative undergrad GPA look horrible, 2.5. A year ago I completed an MA degree in Conflict Resolution with a GPA of 3.76 and am now, at the age of 33, seriously considering going to law school.

I have been employed full time for the past 9 years, the last 7 at the same company. Two years ago I was promoted from accounting assistant to staff accountant so I have some work experience, I have also volunteered as a county court mediatior recentlyy for about 8 months (until the work schedule no longer allowed me the time). So, my question is what LSAT score should I study my butt off for in order to get into a decent school? As a splitter with work experience do I even have a shot at Northwestern if I can score a 170+? I live in North Carolina and know that there are law school opportunities around here, but I consider Chicago my second home in many ways and would be interested in attending law school in that are.

Thanks in advance for any advice and thoughts you share on this topic

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Re: Please look at my #'s and info....what are my chances?!

Postby FuManChusco » Sat Jun 05, 2010 6:04 pm

go for a 180. yes, if you get a 170+ and ED to NU you have a chance. they love WE. getting a 170 is much easier said than done though. there's a reason 98% of test takers don't get it. this is a pointless discussion until you have an actual score and you are wasting time while you could be studying.

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