Help prioritizing apps? 167/171, 2 yrs work experience

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Help prioritizing apps? 167/171, 2 yrs work experience

Postby charleefl » Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:15 am

I've been looking at LSN, but quite often I see variances in acceptances and denials (probably because of some other factor that I'm not considering), so here goes:

-Took the LSAT twice: 167 first time, 171 second
-GPA: 3.76 (cum laude)
-Major: Finance
-Already graduated and have two years work experience in corporate banking
-Location: Anywhere, but preferably a major city and preferably on West Coast
-Not URM (Asian-American)

-LORs: one prof, one former director
-Pretty solid generic PS based on work experience
-The usual extracurriculars in undergrad, didn't save the world

I've applied to the following already:
#1 Berkeley
#3 USC
#4 Columbia (I prefer the West Coast)
#5 Georgetown
#6 BU
#7 Fordham

I was intending to apply to rest of T14 (basically throwing a whole bunch of darts and hoping one sticks) and Emory, BC, GWU and Hastings. However, I don't think I really have the time to complete all of this with my workload picking up. Which applications should I focus on and which ones should I save for the end?

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