Thomas Jefferson School of Law- TJSL attorney responds

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Re: Thomas Jefferson School of Law- TJSL attorney responds

Postby Ikki » Sun Jun 26, 2011 3:48 am

reepS wrote:I went to UG at UCSD w/ some people who are going to TJLS. They are happy that "they got in somewhere" and that they are "going to be a lawyer". I have a feeling that they know its a farce of a school, as it is viewed in SD as a joke on par with a community college. I also have a feeling that everyone at that school also knows their degree is useless. It is like people who believe going to a junior college and saying they are in school as if they are on the same level as someone at Harvard.

Fellow UCSD grad here, I wish I knew said students. Why go to TJLS when they can go straight to Mickey D's?

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Re: Thomas Jefferson School of Law- TJSL attorney responds

Postby SullaFelix » Mon Jul 04, 2011 8:18 pm

phialphadelta wrote:This is the response from Thomas Jefferson Law school's general counsel and attorney Jeff Joseph:

Dear All,

As many of you have read, the school has been sued by one of its 2008 graduates, Anna Alaburda. Anna alleges that statistical information given by the school to the American Bar Association regarding employment is false and misleading and that it falsely induced her to go to law school. She is working as a lawyer but alleges she is unable to find a legal position that pays as much as a non-legal position.

This school reports employment statistics in the same manner as most law schools, using standards and directions set forth by the ABA. We do not know Anna’s expectations when she started law school. We do know she graduated and passed the bar the first time for which the school deserves some credit. This is a difficult economy for all professions, including the legal profession. Even assuming Anna is unable to find the legal job she would like, we do not believe it justifies her demand that the school be punished. This is simply a case about the frustrations of a bad economy.

We have tendered the defense of the case to our insurance carrier and intend to fight this suit vigorously. We are confident that our alums will support the school in the defense of this case.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Jeffrey A. Joseph

Associate Dean and General Counsel

Thomas Jefferson School of Law

1155 Island Avenue

San Diego, CA

Phone: (619) 297-9700 ext 4240; (619) 961-4240 (Direct Line)

Fax: (619) 961-1240


Jeff Joseph states:

[b]We do know she graduated and passed the bar the first time for which the school deserves some credit. [/b

So should the Thomas Jefferson school of law get credit for the 50% of students who failed the California bar too?

And also some credit for those who couldn't get a job?


The issue here is not even that the girl couldn't get a job. The issue is how Thomas Jefferson school of law counted students who did not respond to the post-graduate employment survey as being employed when they DID NOT RESPOND TO THE SURVEY ALTOGETHER.

There was an entire article on Thomas Jefferson Law school's fraudulent employment numbers in the New York Times back in January 2011: ... ted=4&_r=1

Ignoring the legal merits — is anyone else bothered by the quality of writing displayed by the general counsel for TJSL?

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