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Re: University of San Francisco

Postby Great Satchmo » Wed Apr 14, 2010 6:28 pm

Ivy0329 wrote:Hi Guys,

Just for those who are trying to decide between USF and McGeorge, 2010-2011 rankings just came out. Apparently they're ranked the same now.

I still picked USF because of its location though.

Those rankings shouldn't change many minds, McGeorge has been in and out of the top 100 for the handful of years, but USF has stayed in the top 100 a bit more consistently. However, we all know how much a few spots near rank 100 is.

I, unfortunately, will likely be withdrawing from USF. I loved the campus, the location, and feel of the program, but McGeorge is offering me a much better scholarship package and I'll still have an opportunity to come back to San Francisco.

I really wish I could pick USF, but I just can't get past the difference in scholarship packages and USF is unwilling or unable to budge.

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