LOCI Protocol

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LOCI Protocol

Postby Yossarian79 » Wed Feb 13, 2013 3:23 pm

Hi all,

I've read TLS' guide to writing Letters of Continued Interest to schools that have waitlisted you, but I had a question about protocol. I just got held at a top choice law school, and am very much interested in going there. But it's not yet clear that it's my absolute first choice -- I would consider it top two or three at worst, but I couldn't honestly tell them in my LOCI that I would definitely attend if they took me off the waitlist (I haven't visited yet, for one thing). What's the protocol for something like this -- where you're confident that a school is a top choice, but not yet certain if it's the top choice. Should I not send a LOCI at all, or is it still cool to send one without promising to attend if accepted? Thanks, TLSers.

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Re: LOCI Protocol

Postby nba101790 » Wed Feb 13, 2013 3:27 pm

I think saying "I have very strong intentions to attend as your school is at the very top of my list at the present time" is a pretty much unequivocally positive even if you're not ready to say that that school is THE one. If you further pair that statement by expressing your desire to visit as soon as logistically possible, it helps.

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Re: LOCI Protocol

Postby mehh » Wed Feb 13, 2013 3:33 pm

Is it bad manners to send a LOCI while your application is "under review"?

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Re: LOCI Protocol

Postby gitguy » Wed Feb 13, 2013 5:39 pm

mehh wrote:Is it bad manners to send a LOCI while your application is "under review"?

I did that for UMD only because it has been 5 months.

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Re: LOCI Protocol

Postby cc6148 » Wed Feb 20, 2013 6:07 pm

I've seen posts that advised people to address their LOCI to whomever sent them the letter, etc. The waitlist letter I received was signed by the Associate Dean of Students. However, I just called the admissions office of the school I am writing to and asked them if there was anyone specific that I should address my letter to -- they said "the admissions committee." That seems very unspecific and even a bit informal to me. Any advice?

Please let me know if this has been asked somewhere in another forum, as I was not able to find it!

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Re: LOCI Protocol

Postby MASSattack1 » Wed Feb 20, 2013 8:37 pm

mehh wrote:Is it bad manners to send a LOCI while your application is "under review"?

Wondering the same thing...

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Re: LOCI Protocol

Postby 1984 » Fri Feb 22, 2013 12:19 pm

mehh wrote:Is it bad manners to send a LOCI while your application is "under review"?

I am also curious about this. Does it smack of desperation or does it demonstrate a true eagerness to attend?

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