just got accepted to a pretty crappy law school, question..

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Re: just got accepted to a pretty crappy law school, question..

Postby nontrad1l » Mon Aug 01, 2011 9:38 pm

As pointed out by many of the posters, successful negotiation requires leverage. Your numbers plus the fact that that you "just got accepted" in August tells me that the schools perspective is likely to be that they are already doing you a favor and are thus going to be unwilling to consider a higher scholly (especially if they late admitted you just to get some additional revenue).

During my cycle I did negotiate several offers up by following a strategy of applying early to (6) T2 schools that compete in the same region and where my numbers were at or above the 75% mark. Since the schools were all natural competitors of each other, I had a decent amount of leverage. I ended up with 75% tuition w/ no stips.

Follow the advice here and take a year to think about it, re-take and get your numbers up, apply to several schools where you are competitive, and only then worry about negotiation strategies. Right now you have little to offer anyone in exchange for a decent scholarship.


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Re: just got accepted to a pretty crappy law school, question..

Postby crazyblink653 » Mon Aug 01, 2011 9:54 pm

eatmyshorts wrote:
firemed wrote:
eatmyshorts wrote:my goal was just get into one, I know that was a messed up philosophy. Once I am in a law school i know I can be near the top of the class if I tried. Now I have to weigh the going to crappy school vs the year it takes to get into another program

Assuming this isn't a flame the bolded is totally unrealistic. Look into law school grading policies. There might even be a wikipedia article on it. If you can't find anything just ask... we'll be happy to explain it to you.

guys no flaming here. I am/was a lazy person and just took things too easily. Now I am seriously trying to do something with my life and thinking of law school

if this is true...you should most assuredly NOT go to law school..if you can't muster the discipline to study for one exam--an exam that's easy to game if you put in even a modicum of effort--then you will not be able to master law school even if you "try." this may come off sounding harsh, but you'd just be setting yourself up for a life of indentured servitude. Take the advice on here and actually study for the LSAT and apply to a school at least in the T2.

If you're absolutely committed to going to this TTTT, though, my advice is to reach out to a professor on the faculty. Professors are usually the ones that make the scholarship decisions, so do a little digging, find out who's on the scholarship committee, and then send them an email telling them how much you want to be in their class, but you're not sure if you can swing it financially, blah blah. Given how late in the game it is this process may not work, but it's worth a shot. still, you'd be better off just waiting, retaking the LSAT and applying again.

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