For those attending Pepperdine, or I guess anyone else

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For those attending Pepperdine, or I guess anyone else

Postby Sean1269 » Wed Apr 06, 2011 9:07 pm

You go to law school in Malibu, that means dress like you go to law school in Malibu. Try and look as casual/cool as you POSSIBLY can. Wear your sunglasses inside. If you don't own a Lambo, rent one and drive it to school, or the preferred rout is to take out a loan and buy one. Drink martinis. Tan regularly. Hit the gym at least once a day and ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS maintain a level of fitness/sexiness that is blatantly noticeable.

Basically, live like the rules don't apply to you. You will be shunned if you even think about dressing "business casual" for school. Don't be caught dead as "business casual." Go big or go home. Dress in a suit only when you have an interview, and make sure you tell everyone your interview is for a position that you are wholly unqualified for, such as Chief Counsel for a Fortune 500 Company.

Try and hang out with celebrities. Make sure you regularly dine in Beverly Hills and shop ONLY on Rodeo Drive. If you want, carry your martini while you shop. Remember the above rule, live like the laws/rules don't apply to you.

Act like you just don't care. Don't ever talk about the stress of finals, a real lawyer in the Malibu area would never feel stressed about mere tests. A lawyer (or law student) in Malibu should only care about: their physique, what they are wearing, where to dine, who they are seen with, and what kind of car they drive.

You should not care to work in biglaw, or even make $ for that matter. That is because conversations regarding money in Malibu are pointless since everyone seems to have millions, you don't want to be ostracized. This falls back into the rule of dine expensively and drive a fancy car (see above).

Public interest should be a strong desire for you because you are not self-centered and loans/money/paying all that back is, and will never be, an issue. You must have this desire even if you really don't like PI because movie stars and singers like charity and giving back to the community, so you should too.

In all seriousness, Pepperdine is a lot of fun and no, not many (or maybe nobody..) acts like I just described. Have fun next fall incoming students (at all law schools).

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Re: For those attending Pepperdine, or I guess anyone else

Postby El_Gallo » Wed Apr 06, 2011 9:11 pm

I chuckled.

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