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Postby mattviphky » Sun Feb 06, 2011 12:01 am

Right now I'm in SIU with 4k/yr guaranteed (which is like half in-state tuition) But I'm also looking at SLU, which is probably going to be sticker. I really do want to work in the St Louis area, but I'm not too sure what the legal options might be. I'm not necessarily looking for biglaw, but I would like to entertain some options, and I feel like SIU wouldn't be able to give me as many options as SLU, especially in St Louis. I know SLU has a great alumni base throughout the city, so I'm just curious if SLU would be worth all of the extra tuition money. I'm also looking at trying to get a job at SLU and go parttime so I can graduate relatively debt free. I know almost all schools give their employees tuition remission, but far less do it for law school tuition. Fortunately, SLU is pretty generous towards its employees...btw I applied to John Marshall, DePaul, and Kent and I should be able to get into all of them, which one would you recommend. I would probably go the part-time route in chicago as well due to the high col and tuition. Interested in labor/ip/employment/pi law

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Re: SLU/SIU/Chicago

Postby denada! » Sun Feb 06, 2011 1:29 am

I would not recommend SIU if you get in anywhere else. I worked for an attorney that graduated from there last year and was number 2 or 3 in his class. Even with his great credentials, he was unable to get a job ANYWHERE except rural southern Illinois. I applied as a safety and was also granted a scholarship, but it is literally my last choice as of now. (I also really like SLU!) Good luck to ya :)


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Re: SLU/SIU/Chicago

Postby ral2p4 » Mon Feb 07, 2011 5:11 pm

I am in at SIU (with in-state tuition) and got waitlisted at SLU. I also applied to some of the schools in Chicago like you, but I've only heard back from one. Looks like we're in a similar situation (that is if I get in to SLU which I really hope I do!)

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