(Incomplete) + $0.00 = Denial?

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(Incomplete) + $0.00 = Denial?

Postby ISTAND » Wed Dec 08, 2010 4:51 pm

One of the schools I applied to has a status of Incomplete since 12/3.
Under mailings they list they sent the status checker on 12/5.
LSAC sent the Credential assembly, LOR's to the school on 12/6, yet they haven't bothered to update the status to Complete.
Under fees it lists $0.00. I've heard if you get accepted they change it to whatever the deposit is for. And I think if it's still under review it is left blank.

Does the fact that they haven't bothered to change the status to Complete plus the $0.00 listed under deposit/Amt due indicate I probably got an automatic denial? I was denied at another school and it switched from blank to $0.00 in the deposit/Amt due section. My app is "In Review" at another school and the section under deposit/Amt due is left blank. Is there any truth to this? Does anyone else experience a similar scenario (not necessarily with an Incomplete status)?


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Re: (Incomplete) + $0.00 = Denial?

Postby Dwigt » Wed Dec 08, 2010 5:08 pm

Some schools do not change to complete until they receive the hard copy of the LSAC report. The 0.00 under fees just means that you haven't been admitted yet.

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