Reserve List Question

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Reserve List Question

Postby GoGreenGoWhite » Mon May 10, 2010 7:45 am

Hello I have a quick (2-part) question...for someone/anyone:

I recently applied to WFU a few months ago and although my numbers were no where near the medians for the school, I was surprisingly offered a reserve spot for the incoming class, meaning I was placed on the 'admit-hold' list. From what I read, 'admit-hold' is not the same as being on the waitlist, meaning that if in the event a seat becomes available due to late withdrawals, no deposits, etc., candidates on the 'admit-hold' a.k.a 'reserve' list will automatically get offered an opportunity before those candidates whove been placed on the WL.

Part A) I basically wanted to know what you think the likelihood is of someone getting off the reserve list at WFU this year, especially given the big increase in apps/deposits??...from what I've been told through another source, they've almost always ended up admitting people off the reserve list in the past because some ealier admits would inevitably drop out/withdraw either prior to or immediately after the June 15th deposit deadline.

Part B) If say, the admissions office @ WFU hypothetically received 100 seat deposits prior to the June 15th deadline, and there were hypothetically only 80 seats in the class max, would that indicate that they initially made 100 offers to other candidates prior to creating the 'reserve' list (meaning they over-admitted an extra 25% of class capacity)?? Or could that possibly mean that some of those 100 deposits are actually double counted because some of these earlier admits have already sent in multiple deposits??

I'm just trying to do the math in my head to assess what my chances are of being offered a seat of said 'reserve' list.

Hope I didn't confuse anyone...Thanks in advance for your input.

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