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hastings tower

Postby ek319 » Thu Apr 15, 2010 6:00 pm

Since I am, in fact, that lazy (and relish the thought of being a stone's throw from class), I want to snag a spot in the Tower for next year but just not sure which unit to pref!

I'm deciding between the efficiency (listed at 250 sq. ft.) and the studio (350 sq. ft.)--anyone know whether that extra 100 sq. ft. (and the extra rent! haha) make the latter that much more live-able? If I were to go with the efficiency, will there be enough space for me to bring in a full/queen-sized bed, large 6' desk, and another mini-fridge? (I can compromise on the bed, but not the other items...)

What about cable/TV? Are the apartments already wired for that, or would I have to set that up on my own? (I'm lazy and I love TV--totally setting myself up for success in law schools, haha).

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