UC Hastings $$ or Fordham??? URGENT!

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UC Hastings $$ or Fordham??? URGENT!

Postby bearsEATtrees » Wed Apr 14, 2010 12:44 pm

I was admitted to both UC Hastings and Fordham... I received about a 1/3 scholarship from Hastings ($20k a year) and haven't heard anything about scholarships/financial aid from Fordham. At first that was enough of an incentive for me, I grew up in SoCal and am graduating from a school in the East Bay. However, the new USNWR rankings have made me a bit worried. Hastings dropped a few spots... is this something I should just ignore and go to Hastings or is there a significant enough difference in their ranks to make me SERIOUSLY reconsider to Fordham??

Fordham has been frustrating because I never received my admissions packet in the mail even after repeated phone calls, even though I was admitted by email over a month ago and have gotten tons of admitted student emails from them.

This is kind of urgent since the Fordham deposit is due tomorrow :-/

I'm also waiting on a few waitlists including UCLA and GULC.

any advice would be AMAZING! Unfortunately I couldn't visit Fordham and Hasting's admit day is AFTER Fordham's deposit is due...


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Re: UC Hastings $$ or Fordham??? URGENT!

Postby de5igual » Wed Apr 14, 2010 12:45 pm

minor fluctuations in rankings do not matter. if you want to practice in California, stay with Hastings. if New York, then Fordham.

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