Filling the Gap Year

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Filling the Gap Year

Postby nick637 » Wed Mar 24, 2010 2:05 pm

Hopefully some TLS'ers can help me out.

I am currently in my second to last semester in UG and will graduate this summer with a BS. I am a little young (20) and finished my degree in 3 years. While I have applied to roughly 15 schools this cycle, I have not received the acceptances (or scholarship money) I was hoping for and as such am slightly less committed to beginning my legal education in the fall.

I have always wanted to learn a foreign language and am looking in to doing some volunteer work in Central/South America while learning the language at the same time. My question to TLS is this: Can any of you recommend any reputable volunteer organizations that offer volunteer work for post-UG graduates? What has been your experience with these organizations?

If I were to volunteer this year, I am looking to volunteer for around 7-9 months then spend the rest of the year studying for the LSAT in 2011.

Any help/ insight would be greatly appreciated!


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