When shoud i send off loci?

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When shoud i send off loci?

Postby cvnrssm » Sat Feb 27, 2010 10:59 pm

So this cycle hasn't gone exactly as i thought it would....164/177...3.49..T20 puclic undergrad...URM...ive been waitlisted at gulc and uva so far and im waiting to hear back from yale, harvard, penn and mich and emory which is the regional school outside the t14 i would attend if all else failed..though now i just hope they don't flat out reject me like bc did...i was really hoping to get at least some money from one of these schools but now i just want to get in...what i'm wondring is when should i start sending off loci letters and is there anyway i can go about getting money from schools that waitlist me and then accept me?

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