Advice for reverse splitters and my application results

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Advice for reverse splitters and my application results

Postby arfx3 » Sat Jan 30, 2010 3:12 am

I applied to several schools this year. I am a reverse splitter with a lot of extra-curricular leadership roles and a very strong personal statement. UGPA: 3.94, ( not in basket weaving you assholes, biology ( pre-med) and a minor in chem) LSAT: 154
I hated the LSAT. Actually I've done horrible on every standardized test I've ever taken. I addressed this in an addendum but've got to get at least close to a schools targeted scores for them to look past a less then desirable score. This is basically for anyone out there who has a pretty perfect application all around except for the biggest thing...the LSAT. Everything in my application was very strong. Very high GPA, very challenging major, very good personal statement ( keep it to 2-2.5 pages....2 is better though), slightly mediocre work experience. I got in to my number 1 school though, despite all the condescending 180 LSATers that will hopefully lose their virginities in law school yay! I got in to the University of Cambridge. If any of you out there are interested in international law or human probably dont know this but you can study law in the united kingdom ( oxford and cambridge are the highest in ranking) and then come back to the states, get your llm, and practice law. This is not only a great route for anyone who is a good applicant on paper minus the LSAT but also many international firms and schools ( if you want to teach int law) actually find obtaining your law degree in this fasion highly desirable. I applied as an affiliated student, meaning I already have a undergraduate degree so will be able to obtain my l.l.b. from Cambridge in just 2 years. Anyway feel free to ask me any questions if you seem to be in this situation and are interested in studying outside of the u.s. And here are my results so far.

cambridge: accepted
university of colorado boulder: accepted
baylor: waitlisted
boston college: denied
waiting on these
george washington:
washington u st. louis:
uc davis
penn state
iu bloomington


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Re: Advice for reverse splitters and my application results

Postby bonus » Mon Oct 03, 2011 5:24 pm

I was wondering if you are still around to answer a question? I am a reverse splitter as well and researching for my UCAS Personal Statement (the British app system, for anyone reading).

I am trying to find out if there is a way to reference specific professors I want to work with in the application somewhere. I wanted to do that, but I am applying to both Oxford and Cambridge and I see that the same Personal Statement will go to both. Now I am considering my options: try to send an email that goes outside of the application system (but to whom?) or drop the idea altogether.

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