January LSAT or study all summer?

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January LSAT or study all summer?

Postby Zana » Sun Dec 09, 2018 9:55 am

I have taken the LSAT two times, both mid 160s. The second time actually went down a point, despite the fact that my average score from my last 12 full preptests before it had been 173 (with seven tests above 173 and five below). I think the large dip came from an international flight (I'm working in Europe and flew to the US for the weekend to take the November test) and all the stress from paying for the flights and hotel must have gotten to me. I have now decided to take a second year off and apply early in the fall of 2019. All of my essays and recommendation letters are ready. My goal is a 171.

My question:

Should I get back to studying for these next six weeks and take the January test in Europe? Or should I enjoy the rest of my year (I came here to teach and work on my language fluency, which I haven't been doing much since I've been studying and working on my apps in all my free time)? Or, should I study all summer and take the September test in the US before coming back to Europe to continue teaching next year?

Since my preptest scores before the November test were solid, I am tempted to start studying intensely again and go for the January test. That feels less stressful because I know I would have the option of a fourth take in September (god forbid), whereas waiting until September would make the test more high-pressure. I work part time so I do have the time to study.

I would be so grateful for your thoughts.


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Re: January LSAT or study all summer?

Postby 239840 » Sun Dec 16, 2018 4:53 pm

I'd recommend taking it sometime before September so that you have plenty of time to retake if needed. There are going to be tests in March, June, and July as well.

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