Reason for test violation concern?

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Reason for test violation concern?

Postby query123 » Sat Sep 08, 2018 4:23 pm

Hi! I just took the LSAT today and am slightly worried about something. I think I unintentionally looked down at my test booklet once time was called for most of the sections (i.e. when they say pencils down and before you're told to switch to the next section). I was just nervous and have a tendency to look down in a "hiding in my turtle shell" kind of way. I also had a headache for much of the exam.

I didn't realize that this could potentially be misconstrued as "reading," as in "reading, working on ... anything during unauthorized times, either beyond time limits or in the wrong section of the book or answer sheet" (per the LSAC's test regulations.) I very much was not doing that, but I'm worried that the proctors could see that my eyes were focused on my test booklet and think the worst. I don't recall being told that we had to look up in addition to putting down our pencils, but in retrospect I very much wish I'd done so, so that I'm not left with any anxiety about what the proctors might have thought of me.

Is it possible that this (e.g. the proctors thinking I was "reading" after time was called) could be construed as a test violation and that I could be notified after the test that I was suspected of a test center violation (e.g. when I receive my exam or via some other post-test notification). I obviously didn't receive a slip or warning or anything like that while I was taking the test. And they would have no reason to think I'd ever put down my pencil too slow, bubbled in the wrong section, etc. (Also are there cases of people being notified after the test like this without any warning/notification during the test that they're suspected of a test center regulation?)

Thank you all of your help!

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Re: Reason for test violation concern?

Postby totesTheGoat » Sun Sep 09, 2018 8:23 pm



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