No Improvement:Slumping Hard

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No Improvement:Slumping Hard

Postby jcbc952 » Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:39 pm

Hi all,

I'm a rising senior with plans to take the LSAT this September but I'm seriously struggling to see improvement on the test.
My diagnostic was around a 159-160 (don't remember the exact score) and I've been studying since around mid-May but I am really sucking at all of the sections, mostly LR and LG (anywhere from -8 to -10 per section--yikes). RC could also be better but I can manage around -3 or -5 on this section.
I've never had a knack for standardized testing but usually I've been able to get by fine through intense studying.
I've gone through the compiled tips and study guides available here (also did most prep books including Powerscore and Manhattan), which all seem to be helpful, but I'm not really seeing any gains in my overall performance and am freaking out bc the exam is coming up in 2 months. I'm beginning to think I'm just not cut out for this (which is pretty disappointing) because I worked really hard for a solid GPA and really just need my LSAT to pull through.
Feeling really down at this point and just given the lack of improvement, it's hard for me to find motivation at this point (which really sucks) because I need all the time I have.

Any suggestions, advice, or even personal stories are all welcome. Thanks in advance.

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