July Test, most effective way to study?

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July Test, most effective way to study?

Postby amn15 » Sun Jun 03, 2018 3:53 pm

I scored a 157 with only brief studying about two weeks ago, and then a 159 two days ago on timed PTs. I took a timed one today and scored a 152, but I did it in a cafe instead of the library since I read that you should try to take practice exams under many conditions so you don't get distracted easily during the test and I feel like that might have been the downfall for that last PT. I was hoping to score in the mid to upper 160s for the July test, but after that recent PT i'm wondering if I should cancel and just take the September one... would it be feasible for me to make such a big jump in 7 weeks? I have a part time job that leaves my afternoons free so I can study afternoon/nights but I'm worried about burning myself out.

I average around -7/8 LR and I'm looking for ways to bump that up! I ordered the PowerScore Bibles for LG and LR and they should be here tomorrow. Are there any additional things people recommend for LR? And for RC, the first test I took I got -3 but the most recent one I took I got -10 (yikes) because it was at the end of the PT and I found myself getting bored/distracted so if anyone has any advice on how to keep one's head straight that would be great.


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Re: July Test, most effective way to study?

Postby preamble » Sun Jun 03, 2018 5:25 pm

I highly recommend 7sage for LR. Without having even finished the core curriculum, I am going -1 or -2 per LR section. Prior to 7sage, I went through the LR Bible but I didn't find it helped all that much - what I did like, however, was the type training book for LR by PowerScore.

I use the type training book as a companion to my 7sage lessons. So, for example, if I complete a lesson in 7sage on Must Be True questions, I then do a set of 10 or 15 or 20 problems (depending on how comfortable I feel with the question type) from the PS workbook.

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