Advice for June/July LSAT

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Advice for June/July LSAT

Postby healylaw » Sat Mar 31, 2018 3:13 pm

I'm a junior in undergrad and I'm taking the LSAT in June and July (random shout out the LSAC for adding another one). I'm also planning on taking it in September. My GPA is hopefully going to be above a 4.0 if I finish this semester strong.(I go to a school that gives A+s on transcripts.) Do law schools see this and care? Or do they just look at your straight undergrad GPA. My diagnostic was 150 but now I'm well into the mid 160s with a few months left to prepare. I have added time on the exam and the better I get at the practice test the more I realize how huge this really is. I used Blueprint (same program my brother used and got a 175 and is now at a T3 school). One problem with this is that although it teaches you great skills its uses problems I now see on the practice tests I'm doing. I sometimes recognize prompts from the program that I did. So basically every PT might have a few problems I've seen before. The only PTs that I know don't have any material I might have seen before are about 13 practice tests I'm kind of "saving" and using sparingly to evaluate more accurately where I'm at. I'm doing about 3-4 PTs a week starting all the way back at 1991. Anyone else have this problem? Just wanted to see if anyone had any study tips that they think I should use to maximize my time here in the last few months. Also does anyone else have experience with the added time during the actual exam day? LSAC said I'm responsible for contacting my testing location. Lots of questions here so if anyone has any answers or just thoughts in general I'd appreciate it.

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Re: Advice for June/July LSAT

Postby creed » Sun Apr 01, 2018 9:50 pm

You seem to be very enthusiastic about this and I have confidence that you'll do well. My advice is to save the PT's you dont see problems from until near the end of your studying so that you can really be getting that I've-never-seen-this-before experience that will come on test day. But make you sure you do all or nearly all of them. It's important to get used to tests you're totally unfamiliar with.

One question I'd have is this: will you be ready by June? It is obviously fine to retake two times, but if you don't think you're ready in June and you can take in July, I would recommend not taking it in June and studying for another month. There's no reason to have a score that you know is below your ceiling if you aren't absolutely pressed to take it. I also think you can be fully ready by June, but that you've signed up for three makes me wonder if you think you will.

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