Chicago, IL: LSAT Study Partner

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Chicago, IL: LSAT Study Partner

Postby GoZombie » Mon Mar 19, 2018 5:58 pm


I'm currently 12 weeks away from taking my June LSAT exam, and I was looking for an LSAT study partner in Chicago--specifically Wicker Park/Bucktown area. I work midnights, and my work schedule consists of 4 on, 2 off; therefore, my days off rotate every week. Due to my work schedule, I'd prefer to study in the evenings prior to work (possibly 1800hrs-2100hrs).

These are the study materials that I own:
-All 3 PowerScore Bibles (2018 edition)
-All 3 PowerScore Workbooks (2018 edition)
-Official LSAT PrepTests #52-81 (30 in total)

I'm willing to provide copies of my study materials. If you're interested in figuring out a study schedule, PM me.

P.S. I'm a 24 year old male.

**I apologize if this post is against any rule on this forum, or if I posted this topic in the wrong section; I am a first-time poster on this website.**

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