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Completely illegible writing sample?

Postby walks » Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:35 pm

I took the June 2017 LSAT and did very well, but, when my score report came in, I never bothered to look through all the pdfs. Last week I was guiding a student through the site (I tutor the test now) and I decided to reread my essay on a whim. Surprisingly, it was completely illegible; 75% of the second page is covered by huge black streaks. My only theory is that I smeared the lead with my hand while writing and that some combination of shitty ink transfer and high-contrast scanning darkened them from light grey to black.

Is there anything I can or should do about this? I know how little the essay section matters, but I'm worried that it looks negligent and sloppy. For what its worth, I submitted all my applications a month ago.

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Re: Completely illegible writing sample?

Postby JazzOne » Thu Jan 04, 2018 6:41 pm

That's a tough question. The writing section matters very little. However, I am friendly with a T14 admissions dean who told me about an applicant with a very high LSAT score who was rejected because the applicant drew a picture instead of writing the essay. In an abundance of caution, you might consider contacting LSAC or submitting a brief addendum to the schools. It's probably not a big deal. But you never know which adcomm will get his/her feathers ruffled.

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