Study Plan for June 2018 Exam?

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Study Plan for June 2018 Exam?

Postby juicetrain76 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 1:18 pm


I am currently in the process of studying for the June 2018 LSAT. This past weekend, I completed an initial diagnostic test (administered under test day conditions by my university's pre law program) which placed my score at 157 with no studying. Unfortunately, I am working against a pretty unfortunate GPA, and really need to get my score as close to 180 as I can. I know some say that you can only improve your practice score around 10 points, but I am hoping by beginning to self study 8 months out and addressing my testing weaknesses moving forward, my goal of scoring close to 180 will become feasible.

That being said, my biggest weaknesses on the test were logic games (as a whole), and time management in the logical reasoning sections. Despite scoring well on the logical reasoning sections, there were around 5 answers per section that I had to randomly bubble in because of a lack of time. With these weaknesses in mind, I have tentatively devised the following study plan (beginning this week) moving forward and am looking for feedback.

My primary days of study will be Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, as these are the days I have the most free time in my schedule.

The rest of 2017 (excluding my finals week) will be spent covering one game type per week from the PowerScore Logic Games Bible (with a few of the rarer game types being consolidated into the same two weeks near the end of the year.

Beginning in January of this year, I will follow the first 3 months of the PowerScore 6-month study plan listed on their self-study website: ... y_plan.pdf

3 months out from the test date, I will follow the Pithypike study plan outlined in this post: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=41657

And finally, I have the following resources available (list does not include the PowerScore bibles already listed) at my university's library:
Barron's LSAT
LSAT Decoded: for Preptests 62-71 (Princeton Review)
LSAT Premier 2016-17 (Kaplan)
LSAT Exam Prep Ebook (Advantage Education)

Can anyone speak to the usefulness of the available textbooks?

Thank you for any potential feedback, and I hope anyone reading this has a fantastic day.

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