Preptest 1 section 3 question 20

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Preptest 1 section 3 question 20

Postby fire_fried_rice » Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:16 am

I've taken the lsat before (163) and I'm trying to push my way upward by trying to fine tune my weaknesses.
For this question, I got it down to D and E. I could not choose between the two or to be exact, I was not able to pick the right answer because I could not find the relevant section needed to separate the correct and incorrect answer. So I chose D and moved on. After coming back to the question, I thought that for D, the "Even if ~ value for their money" part was new information, something that was not mentioned in the stimulus. I felt that it would be a stretch to say such. On the other hand, choice E "extending beyond providing ~" part seems to be paraphrased version of being "responsible only in times of prosperity."

To be honest, I'm actually confused here. I have hard time pinpointing to the correct answer for "would provide the strongest support" question and especially for these types of questions, I have no clue as to what and how I could learn from the questions that I got wrong.

I would really love some feedbacks and advice!


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Re: Preptest 1 section 3 question 20

Postby Leonidas1204 » Fri Oct 27, 2017 2:00 am

Hi, Will try to help.

You can try to break down what you know from the paragraph:

1. Small and big business are viewed kind of the same: providing consumers with fairly priced goods and services

and then you have a bit of a paradox

2. People consistently view small businesses as a force for good but they only view big business as such in times of prosperity.

So you have a little bit of a disconnect. They're viewed kind of the same, but small business has a consistently better rep.

E) Many people in the US regard the social responsibility of big business as extending beyond providing consumers with fairly priced goods and services.

Well, this choice has to be true. If it wasn't why would big business not get the same rep as small business in good times and bad? There has to be something more to the judgement of big business than the attributes that they share with small business, since they are not judged the same despite those shared attributes.

As for D) You just can't know what would happen "even if people did not regard big business as providing consumers with value for money", maybe they would regard it as socially responsible and maybe they wouldn't. You were right that D went beyond what was given.

In E "Extending beyond providing" is saying extending beyond what is generally true of big business at all times i.e. that they provide fairly priced goods and services. That there must be something else in evaluating big business social responsibility than what is always true, since they're not always regarded as socially responsible.

Hope that is useful!

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