Best Course for 2 months Study

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Best Course for 2 months Study

Postby ls18orbust » Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:11 pm

So I just got my score back for September and I'm not too happy with it. So I'm going to retake in December. My biggest issue seems to be timing, when I'm not rushed I can get answers right almost all of the time. When I take a PT untimed, I score in the high 160s, low 170s. Timed and it drops to high 150s, low 160s (which is where my actual score landed). When I look at my score report and break the questions down into sections I rarely get an answer wrong, but then when I get to the last section and a half (which I'm usually doing in the last 10min of the section) I miss answers like crazy. Is it recommended to take a course even though I feel like I have the basics down? Or do I need to just take more PTs timed and build up my stamina? If you think a course is good, what would you recommend on a two month study schedule?

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