study all three sections together or LG and LR first?

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study all three sections together or LG and LR first?

Postby MARIALE » Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:18 pm

Hi everyone,
what is the best way to study for the lsat?
I have all 3 bibles, should I work on them simultaneously, or should I first focus on LG and LR (together) and once I'm done with the two bibles, focus on RC ? I'm also planning to start with Manhattan prep, once I'm done with pw.
I heard pw. gives you a good foundation for the LSAT, but Manhattan prep. will help you attack the LSAT in a faster way. Please let me know what do you think of that!

But it is very important for me to know, if I should study all 3 bibles simultaneously or not. the self-study guide pw says to study all three bibles together. I'm a little stress over this because I have already started with LG (I'm in chapter 5) and LR (I'm in chapter 11). So now I'm confuse wether I should start with RC, and follow the study guide or just finish LG and LR first.

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