Finished the Bibles and want advice for going forward.

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Liberal Theory

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Finished the Bibles and want advice for going forward.

Postby Liberal Theory » Sat Jul 29, 2017 6:16 pm

Hey to all of you who have already taken the LSAT and nailed it;

I mainly DIRELY NEED expert tips on how to speed up my LG's. I need to literally cut my time in half by September 16. More concrete info below for those who don't mind helping me.

I officially worked through, read, annotated and reviewed all 3 of the Powerscore Bibles as of a few days ago. I began studying in mid May so I took longer than I should have probably, but during that time I worked on several PT's to track my progress. I got a crushing 144 on the June LSAT, I studied and re took it a month later and got a 151. Another month later (or about a week ago) shortly before wrapping up the Bibles I took PT B (SuperPrep) and got 151. Disappointed, I finished and today officially started my routine of PT 3x a week.

Today I only did PT C and got a 160. I only took the 4 section version (and no essay) however, but all other conditions were simulated to the test day. Blind reviewed after doing it.

I know I will get better on RC snd LR with time but my LG game was as horrible today as before I began to study. I only got through two of the games before time, the only difference between two months ago and now being I miss way less questions. I know I can hit my 165+ goal if I just increase speed, but with September creeping fast I fear I won't hack my goal the first time. (Of course I was going to retake anyway later.) Even if I PT 3x a week I would still only have about 20 PTs under my belt- less than ideal.

I struggle the most with LG and I have always been averse to numerical problems, so for those of you who also struggled- how did you do it?

*Also how many of you suggest doing the 5 section PT and/ or essay? I plan on doing both but about 3 weeks out from test day. I wanna pull my scores up before putting my mind's stamina through the ringer.

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Re: Finished the Bibles and want advice for going forward.

Postby JazzOne » Sat Jul 29, 2017 6:41 pm

Drill, baby, drill! And give yourself plenty of time. Timed drills are good, but so is untimed review.

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