Trouble with back end logic games

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Trouble with back end logic games

Postby BigBear85 » Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:26 am

Hey TLS,

I've noticed a particular area of struggle I have on timed PTs: back end logic games. I am good with front end games ( I am an engineer by education so I like making scenarios as deterministic as possible via framing, etc) but on back end games, I find myself panicking from the sheer range of possible scenarios before even looking at the questions. Then, when I approach the questions, I clearly drain myself physically by trying to consider all scenarios. This approach is inefficient with time and I literally feel hungry after these questions due to the brain energy burn. As an example, I struggled with PT52 game 3 in this way.

Resources I have used are Manhattan logic games, older PTs for drilling game types, and 7sage videos for review. I realize I am falling right into LSAT's trap with my current approach to these "back end" games. So what is the best approach for back end games, assuming a good foundation in the fundamentals?

Any perennial-0 LG scorers (or others) can help me with how to better think through/approach these games more efficiently? Also any food recommendations for a vegetarian who runs out of energy during the exam?

Thank you very much for any thoughts/help! Really appreciate it.

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