To retake or not to retake?

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To retake or not to retake?

Postby jgs » Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:53 am

So I took the June LSAT and just received my score (164). I've been studying since December, and took the live online class through power score. In the month before the test, I hit up to 168 on practice tests, and had several other scores above 166. Two weeks before the test, I saw a dip in my scores and ended up averaging around a 164. So in terms of my performance directly preceding the test, my actual LSAT matched well my practice tests, but perhaps not my potential.

I have a gpa that is above the 75th percentile for every school, but I am aiming for the mid t-14(15), specifically UVA, UPenn, Michigan, etc. Because 164, while in the range for all of these schools, is low, I'm having a hard time determining whether I should retake the LSAT or not. With a gpa above the 75th for all of these schools and an LSAT within, albeit barely, their range, am I better off focusing on my personal statements, letters of rec, and getting my applications in early, or should I hit the ground running again and try to get to the high 160's?

As a side note, I want to mention that Logic Games have been my weakness, but I lucked out with this test's LG being so easy (I got a 20/23, well above my average in this section), which is worth considering in that the next test is unlikely to be as forgiving in LG.

Thanks for the advice!!

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Re: To retake or not to retake?

Postby JoshLyman13 » Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:12 am


If you can get a median LSAT for the schools you are targeting you'll get in and likely get $$$. So you'll need a 169 for Penn and UVA and a 168 for Michigan.

As it stands now you have a decent chance to be accepted, but it's not a lock and you're much less likely to get significant money.

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