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Postby basketweaver » Mon May 15, 2017 1:56 pm


Can anyone who has gotten a near perfect LG score help me with getting ready for the September LSAT?

I want to focus on LG for the next month or so solely.

I have the most recent 40ish LSATS, LG bible, and LSAT Trainer

What would be a good study method to really understand LG? I am averaging horribly on that section.



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Re: High Testtakers HELP ME WITH LG STUDY

Postby IExistedOnceBefore » Mon May 15, 2017 2:02 pm

I went -0 on LG and was consistently hitting -0 early in my prep.

Biggest thing is WHY you're missing. If you're just struggling generally take a step back. Doing logic puzzles before I even attacked logic games helped me a ton. You can find them online for kids. This is also extremely unconventional advice but it really helped.

After that you want to make sure you're framing the game properly. If that's not happening you have an uphill battle. You need to figure out at what step you're falling apart.


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Re: High Testtakers HELP ME WITH LG STUDY

Postby carsondalywashere » Mon May 15, 2017 2:06 pm

I suggest doing every single published logic game. The oldest ones might be the most important, as weirder games are starting to pop up in the new LSATs.

Every game you get a question wrong, watch the 7sage explanation for it on YouTube, and then redo it until you feel 100% confident in attacking the game. Chances are you'll come across another one very similar to it, so be prepared.


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Re: High Testtakers HELP ME WITH LG STUDY

Postby Mikey » Mon May 15, 2017 2:14 pm

What exactly is it about LG that screws you up?

LG is my best section and usually I can finish it early with having gone -0/-1 on it.

Advice I have that made me quick and accurate on LG:
1. to quickly make inferences up front with connecting the rules you write out
2. when writing out the rules, if there is a "possible scenario" question as the first question (which there is for most games), eliminate answer choices each time you write down a rule. this way, by the time you finish writing down the rules, you have 1 question done with already
3. do all of the IF questions first/all questions that give you a new scenario for your game board and leave all of the CBT/MBT/CBF/MBF questions for the end of each game so that way when you already have game boards drawn for the IF/new scenarios questions, you can easily eliminate a lot of answer choices for the CBT/MBT/CBF/MBF questions.

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