160. What to do from here?

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160. What to do from here?

Postby myk247 » Tue Nov 15, 2016 1:33 am

Took PT 65 and scored 160.

LR: -6/ -4
RC: -10
LG: -8

I thought I was good with LG, but whenever I run into unusual/harder questions, I get stuck and run out of time.
For LR, I don't have specific weak categories.. (which seems worse since that means I am bad with all categories.)
Done PT 20-77, and I'm aiming for February, and will be happy with 165-167.
Time-constraint has always been issue, and I am exhausted.. Any idea/tips for what to do for next three months?
I was told to do some mix-ups of untimed/timed sections, and I'm not sure which is a good way to balance those two--50:50?

Thank you.


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Re: 160. What to do from here?

Postby Csta5315 » Tue Nov 15, 2016 2:10 am

I would first focus on logic games. When you get to a difficult game just get some sort of diagram on the paper and go from there. Normally even if you are struggling with a difficult game you can brute force your way though if you have a workable diagram.
Also, for the games you are doing well on, go through them again and see if you could have done something different like exposed an inference for the start that you initially missed in order to through the questions faster.

Also, for reading comp - read something like The Economist in your spare time. The Manhattan Prep RC book was better for me than Powerscore. RC was and still sometimes is rough for me. Just keep practicing. Spend a good amount of time re-reading the passages and questions to see what is normally asked of you in the RC sections.
(I had an instructor who scored a 180 tell me that while he was studying for RC he would spend about 45 mins on a passage for review - that made me spend more time in my review!!!)

As for the time constraint, you have to do timed exams and timed sections. If you can't fit an exam in that day, do a few timed sections. Your brain will get used to it and you won't experience so much fatigue if you keep putting yourself in these "high pressure" scenarios.

I wouldn't do any untimed sections, I did this for a while and it did not help me at all. Stick to the real time to train your brain for the marathon and spend as much time as you need to adequately review each section. Also, don't be lazy in the review process at all, there is no answer in LR that is "more right" and the other "less right". There are 4 wrong answers and 1 correct one. You must be able to definitively know why each wrong answer choice is wrong and why the correct answer choice is correct. This may seem obvious to most, but i feel like my score plateaued because I was being lazy in my review.

Also - I print out two copies of each test I take and then, for the ones that I got wrong I re-do on the new test untimed. Any question I got right I knew I initially got wrong because of the time constraint or fatigue. Any question I got wrong the second time around I knew I was lacking the fundamentals and that I had to re-teach myself.

Best of luck

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Postby Barack O'Drama » Tue Nov 15, 2016 2:51 am

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