Advice About Unusual RC Problem


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Advice About Unusual RC Problem

Postby SnowBelleChanel » Tue Oct 25, 2016 4:41 pm

Hello, TLS! I usually lurk on this board but I'm having a difficulty in my LSAT prep so I finally made myself an account!

Anyway, when I do strictly timed RC sections (pencils down at 35 minutes precisely) at home and timed RC passages as "challenges" during my TestMasters class (strictly timed 8-10 minute passages, depending on the appreciated difficulty of the passage with time called right at 8 or 10 minutes) I ALWAYS go -0 or -1, without deviation.

However, when I do full practice tests, I generally go anywhere from -5 to -12 on RC.

I considered fatigue as a possible issue, however RC has been the first section on several of my practice tests and I've still had the same results so I do not believe fatigue is the issue. I also don't feel particularly stressed or anxious during the PTs, so I'm not sure it's that either.

Does anyone have any insight on what could potentially be causing this discrepancy? I want to be able to consistently score -0 or -1 on RC on my PTs so I'm comfortable going into the December exam.

Any advice is very much appreciated. Thank you!!

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