LR Section Drilling

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LR Section Drilling

Postby WeightliftingThinker » Wed Aug 31, 2016 8:01 pm

I have been drilling one to two LR sections per week under stopwatch (not timer) conditions. It takes me an average of 41 minutes to complete the section. I get seven wrong, one to three for lack of comprehension while the others for carelessness.

For each question I answered incorrectly, I write a review. I will write the question type, the reason I got it wrong, why my choice is incorrect, and why the correct choice is correct. For ones where I learn something significant (via trial-and-error or ManhattanPrep forums), I write a sentence or two describing the takeaway.

Should I continue using a stopwatch for LR section drills until I have drilled in-depth the question types I have not drilled (Principle, Match the Flaw, Parallel, Method of Reasoning) OR should I start putting a timer for 41 minutes, aim to complete with accuracy before the timer ends, and remove half a minute to a minute each subsequent LR drill I do until I reach 35 minutes (and ultimately 32 minutes) OR neither? Any feedback is appreciated.

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