Retaking: Powerscore Advanced Online Course vs. Extend Testmasters Service??

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Retaking: Powerscore Advanced Online Course vs. Extend Testmasters Service??

Postby joeytribbiani » Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:23 am

I just got my June LSAT score yesterday and am bummed about it - 167, scored below where I was PTing (169-171) at and really think I can improve a few points to hit 170 if I devote a ton of time to studying between now and September. I didn't miss any in games, 5 in each LR, and 5 in RC. RC and games that is how I've always done, but LR I usually only miss 6-8. I want my main focus of re-studying to be LR, then RC, and staying fresh and sharp on games. So, which of these seems like the better option?

I took the full Testmasters in-person class, and it definitely did help. I have some of the diagnostics still left over that I could take from that, along with questions from the homework that never got finished, but it's $700 to extend my service to be able to access the answers and scoring for any of that material. However, I know that those are every LSAT question ever released and by continuing my service I would avoid repeating questions I've already done.

The other option is Powerscore to do the Advanced LR online course for $350 along with the Bibles for each section (already have unopened Bibles that I bought before I decided to do the Testmasters course).

I'm leaning toward the Testmasters service and then once I've exhausted every one of those questions and tests, working through the Bibles or ordering other, more recent PTs from LSAC. I know it's twice as expensive as the Powerscore course, but they have great explanations on Testmasters and every question ever released.

Anyone with Powerscore experience want to chime in with their $.02? Please?

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