Logic game study strategy

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Logic game study strategy

Postby osgiliath » Wed Sep 09, 2015 1:11 pm

Hey All,

I'm currently going through Blueprint Logic Games book and I have all the Cambridge LG by type on PDF.

My question is, should I learn one game-type at a time in Blueprint and drill those until I master that game-type before moving on to learn the next game-type? Or should I be familiar with the set-up/strategy for all game types before drilling each game-type? What is the right way to attack this?

I am asking because right now I am learning by game-type and drilling only that game type (doing sequencing and simple ordering together) and have done about 30-40 games with multiple repetitions and 7sage for the ones that gave me trouble but if I pull out a new game from those categories in a newer PT I can still end up taking about 15 minutes on it. Wondering if being familiar with all game types first would give me some sort of synergistic benefit to different game-types.


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Re: Logic game study strategy

Postby Rigo » Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:40 pm

I'd do basic linear (ordinal, whatever BP calls it) then basic grouping then dive into the more complex ones. You're approaching it the right way, it sounds like. LG takes a long time diligently studying for it to finally click. Keep it up!

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