Will LSAC Ever Make Exceptions to the 3 Take Rule?

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Will LSAC Ever Make Exceptions to the 3 Take Rule?

Postby Rooneykins » Sat Feb 07, 2015 12:38 am

I went to the June 2014 LSAT and finished filling out all of the instructions on the bubbling sheet and all of that. Then, once the proctor said "you may begin" I had a panic attack and left to go to the bathroom to calm down. I came back a few minutes later and told the proctor that I needed to leave and I filled out the bubble to cancel my score. So, I didn't bubble an answer to a single question on that test. I have since taken the Sept and Dec LSAT last year. I thought that would be enough but I still really would love to take the June 2015 test to get off of some waitlists or for more money.

I am guessing the answer will be no and that the fact that you are allowed to take it more than once is the buffer for people who don't feel well during one of the tests. The only reason I am asking whether or not I could get permission to take it again is because I didn't answer a single question. Is it worth asking LSAC?


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