Confusing LSAT Language

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Confusing LSAT Language

Postby WilliamD » Thu Jan 08, 2015 3:29 pm

While I am pretty well-acquainted with the different question types, flaws, methods of reasoning, etc., I often choose incorrect answers because I get confused with the language either in the answer choices or in the stimulus (though usually in the former). Many times, I interpret the language used to mean something entirely different from what LSAC has intended.

On this note, if you have any knowledge of the way LSAC uses tricky language, please share. I'm quite certain it will help many people who read this thread.

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Postby gamerish » Thu Jan 08, 2015 3:36 pm

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Re: Confusing LSAT Language

Postby BillsFan9907 » Fri Jan 09, 2015 2:07 am

What sort of language in particular? Can you provide some examples?

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Re: Confusing LSAT Language

Postby LSAT Hacks (Graeme) » Sat Jan 10, 2015 9:03 pm

The LSAT just uses English. There's usually only one interpretation of the language used. However, the language is rather difficult.

So if you interpret something differently from how the LSAC meant it, it usually means you didn't understand what you read. This is actually the central problem for LR at least: it's really, really hard to understand.

It's essential to get feedback on your interpretations. You can post questions here, or find a study partner, or just talk about the questions with a smart friend. Be open to the possibility that you simply haven't fully understood the language used. Anyone scoring below 170 will routinely misunderstand the meaning of many LR questions.

As you get feedback on your interpretations, you'll notice where you're interpreting things wrong, and improve.

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