Rescheduler/Postponer Study Schedule

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Rescheduler/Postponer Study Schedule

Postby berkeleynick » Tue Jun 10, 2014 3:48 pm

So due to some unfortunate circumstances the weekend prior to the June LSAT, I was unable to take it and withdrew this past weekend. I was wondering what others who are in a similar position, or have experience in this would advise in terms of the study schedule from here until September?

I'm kind of the person who wants to start fresh for the sake of really getting down all of the details and nuances of the exam before I can finally take it, and now that I have this opportunity want to pursue that kind of study path, but I also don't want to burn out and worry that maybe I should take a month break from the LSAT and begin studying again once it gets closer given that I already have the fundamentals down and don't want to burn out.

I have about 8 Preptests from 61-71 I have not yet taken, and want to make a study schedule that will allow me enough time to pin down my weak areas, improve, take full-length practice tests leading up to the September exam, but without burning out.

I guess my main question is, should I chill for a bit, or continue as I was?

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