Anyone else bomb the test compared to their PT's?

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Re: Anyone else bomb the test compared to their PT's?

Postby PattyCake » Sun Feb 09, 2014 2:43 pm

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Re: Anyone else bomb the test compared to their PT's?

Postby nn1113 » Sun Feb 09, 2014 4:17 pm

delusional wrote:
logicfreak wrote:
perfectSCore wrote:Just took the Feb test, my first administration, and ended up canceling by the end of it. Recently i've been scoring ~171-174, never scored below 168 over 30 PT's including diagnostic, as high as 178 twice, and to top it all off scored a 177 on the Dec 2013 test yesterday. Current scores on average going into today was 0-2 LG, 0-2 first LR, 2-4 second LR, 3-5 RC. Usually don't feel bad about more than 1 or 2 questions on the whole test.

Today i don't know what happened, maybe i should have been waking up earlier to simulate test day, maybe i should have taken a break yesterday, or maybe there was just a disproportionate amount of question types that i am bad at, but my first three sections weren't great and i wasn't feeling too hot headed into the break. Was still somewhat confident that i could salvage the test by doing well on the LG which i hadn't had yet but i thought this tests LG was one of the hardest LG's i've ever had and I ended up not finishing 3 questions and being unsure of about 3 more. I was so upset by this headed into the last section that i didn't do great on the last section either, although i'm still pretty sure it was again, harder than normal by a significant margin. After completing it i, in my upsetness, immediately filled out the cancel circles and signed my name. Normally after i take a test i feel its possible to score upper 170's and sometimes do, but usually just miss a few questions i didn't expect to and sit on low-mid 170's. Today there were 7 questions i more or less guessed on and about 7 i was very unsure about, and i figured that i was going to miss at least 15 and possibly to 20 by the time all the questions i didn't think i missed but missed were factored in.

I don't even know. Super upset right now. Of all the possible outcomes today i didn't imagine once i would end up doing so bad or feelings so bad about it. I don't even know where to go from here; it's not like i have much to fix or can prep more - i'm already scoring possibly as high as i can reliably score so what the fuck am i supposed to do in the future to not fuck up? I don't know what the fuck was wrong today, i started being less sharp but that may have been a factor of me being upset after the first 2 sections and i had much less time than i usually do. I didn't feel that nervous at all. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fucu fukcukcufckufc

Anyone else do significantly worse on test day? What did you do the next time around/what happened the first time?

dude. reading this was crazy. our situations seriously could not be any more identical. depressing, confusing, etc etc. i dont even know.
This happened to me three years ago. Almost identical PT scores and I knew I bombed the real thing. Canceled right away and all I wanted to know at the time was that it happens that you bomb one test even after consistent PTs and could still do well on a retake.

I can confirm now that it happens. I kept practicing, recognized new weaknesses and improved on old ones. Then I got a 178 on the next administration. Keep your head up, and keep improving; you'll do even better on the re-take than you expected to do now.

Appreciate the encouragement!


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Re: Anyone else bomb the test compared to their PT's?

Postby alisonnk » Mon Feb 10, 2014 1:13 am

I feel like that's exactly what happened to me in June - my practice tests had consistently been 164-173 through my study period, and then in the last month of prep that had been more like 168-173. I felt like I had a good chance of pulling off a 170+. When I showed up at the test center, I started experiencing this really horrible test anxiety unlike anything I had ever experienced. I just got overwhelmed by how much was riding on this test. It started out OK but once I hit my second section (games) I was spending so long setting up and understanding them I only finished 2.5 of them and had to guess on the rest. That shook me up and effected my performance on the whole rest of the test. I didn't cancel my score because I had taken a number of practice tests where that kind of game performance was OK when mixed with strong performance on the other sections, so I thought maybe.... but I ended up getting a 159 back.

I was set to retake yesterday but had a weather cancellation.

Of course I've studied a lot more since June and that has to have helped, but I'm going the take an Ativan before this test in case the anxiety comes up again.

Best of luck to you whenever your next time is! At least you will know to a certain degree what to expect the second time around...

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