LSAT Christmas?

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LSAT Christmas?

Postby tokenchris » Wed Dec 11, 2013 2:20 pm

I've decided to nerd out in front of my family this Christmas by asking for Law School Admissions materials. The issue is, I need to wisely choose which materials I want to ask for (it's crunch time). So, let me say what I have already and my study plan/agenda and maybe I can get some feedback as to what I should get. My 'platform' or main guide, is The LSAT Trainer, I've been steadily working on this for the past month or so on and off. I have all the PT's pretty much, and have really exhausted a lot of the earlier ones. Beyond all of this, I have the LR bibles (LR,LG), and Nova's something or another. I'm taking the LSAT next June or October, so what should I get to add to these things. Links would be great! Thanks. Oh, my LG is a little messy, and LR always seems to be in the -6 to -8 range and I'm shooting for low to mid 170's. I think really I'm just trying to figure out how to supplement the methods of the LSAT trainer with all of the PT's.

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Re: LSAT Christmas?

Postby GiantTotoro » Wed Dec 11, 2013 2:24 pm

I'd definitely get any of the later PTs that you're missing (if any), since those are going to be the most similar to the June test. I'd also invest in the 180Watch- it really helped me on PTs and actual test day.

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Re: LSAT Christmas?

Postby wealtheow » Wed Dec 11, 2013 2:26 pm

I'd recommend the Manhattan books: ... attan+lsat ... pd_sim_b_1 ... pd_sim_b_1

(I think there may be a bundle options for these, but not sure if that's for the most recent editions)

People 'round these parts also swear by the Cambridge LR "By Type" packets for drilling. Personally I would just buy the packets for question types that give you trouble. I bought the whole LR bundle and ended up not using most of it. Grmp.

And of course, buy any PTs you don't have, particularly 65-70 if you don't already have those!
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Re: LSAT Christmas?

Postby rinkrat19 » Wed Dec 11, 2013 2:28 pm

Do NOT get the 180 watch. What a waste of money, especially if you're trying to study frugally. Just use a regular analog watch and set it to 11:25 before starting a section.

Get ALL the PTs. I don't think the old ones are so different as to make them useless at all.

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Re: LSAT Christmas?

Postby retaking23 » Wed Dec 11, 2013 2:35 pm


It's effect on your performance is absolutely nonexistent if you are aiming for 170+ because at that point you will have an internal timer. I'd challenge any notions of it soothing nerves any better than any conventional watch too.

I'd suggest buying a less dorky "watch" with a rotating bezel instead if you really must have a watch on hand for all your LSAT needs.

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Re: LSAT Christmas?

Postby meegee » Wed Dec 11, 2013 4:12 pm

If you're on a budget, use the money you'd use to buy the 180 watch and get prep material instead. 180 watch should be something you buy after getting all your prep material.

That being said, I would also recommend against the 180 watch. I'm not saying it wouldn't be helpful, but the cost for a 180 watch is not worth it. It's like around $50 new I think. Get a regular watch where it has this slider so you can make your own timer, mine cost around $12. It also offers the additional benefit of telling the actual time, and you can use it repeatedly, as opposed to the 180 watch (unless you need to retake, in which cause, you get to use it again!).

Get actual exams and/or Cambridge drilling packets. You already have two sources for prepbooks (the Trainer and the Bibles) so that should be enough. Look into picking up the Manhattan LR/LG if you feel like you need more help after going through the Trainer and the Bibles.

If you're on a budget, you should aim to get the older tests that comes in bundles, because they're cheaper. If you have enough money, you should aim to pick up as many actual exams as possible. The Cambridge drilling packets are just the same as the actual exams, but they're categorized and ordered according to their type and difficulty, which makes studying easier. If you're on a budget, just buy the online PDF versions of the actual exams instead and make your own lists. The downside is that you won't know be able to drill them by difficulty, or by question type (Strengthen, Weakning, etc).

I'd post the links but I'm lazy. Open Google and search away.

ETA: If you're scoring well enough, at one point you reach a level where you move through the sections without much timing difficulty. This lessens the need for a 180 watch, or a watch in general (although I still recommend using a watch).

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Re: LSAT Christmas?

Postby tokenchris » Wed Dec 11, 2013 4:22 pm

Thanks everyone for the information. To be honest, I have a watch I like and don't really want to wear that thing, but thanks anyway. I have a question pertaining to the Cambridge packets categorized by question types. It seems like they go from tests 1-40, respectively, and couldn't that possibly interfere with my previous takings of these tests? I understand that repetition is good, but I guess in a general sense, I won't really be able to set aside 'blank', 'fresh' tests within that range? Meaning, I should just use the ones past 40 I presume and just drill all the sections of the beforehand section? This seems like a likely contender. And I'm definitely going to consider the Manhattan guides to after I get done with the trainer, and make sure to get 65-70 at some point ( I have all priors).

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Re: LSAT Christmas?

Postby FlyingNorth » Wed Dec 11, 2013 4:51 pm

The LSAT Trainer, by Mr. Mike Kim

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Re: LSAT Christmas?

Postby izzy895 » Wed Dec 11, 2013 9:36 pm

I just sat for December and used the 180 watch, I love using it. I used to use a regular analog and I find the 180 watch comforting but it's far from necessary. If you have the money you won't be disappointed but like mentioned above, I didn't purchase it until long after I had all my other prep materials its definitely just a luxury.

I always felt uneasy turning the dials myself, worried that under pressure I might fumble around. My proctors moved very fast from section to section and personally I like just being able to press two buttons and be set.

You may develop an internal timer but it never hurts being completely comfortable (money allowing)

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Re: LSAT Christmas?

Postby Nova » Wed Dec 11, 2013 9:45 pm

The Manhattan bundle are great guides at an excellent value

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Re: LSAT Christmas?

Postby tokenchris » Wed Dec 11, 2013 10:31 pm

Nova wrote:The Manhattan bundle are great guides at an excellent value

Ok 8)

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